Gift Ideas à la Voskins

It’s that time of the year again!

Have a glasses lover in your life? Want to support your local optical?

We have the perfect gift ideas for every & anyone you know. 

Gift Idea #1: The Limited Edition Miljours x Voskins eyewear case


This genuine leather case is handmade in Montreal in collaboration with Miljours Studio. With it comes a gorgeous micro-fiber cleaning cloth with custom illustration done by our stylist, Naomie. *Note that the cloth can also be sold seperately*

Perfect for: People who need to be more careful with their glasses. People who are already very careful with their glasses. People who collect glasses but clearly have a stand out favourite. People who love leather and local handmade goods.

#2: The #Berthathebugg T-Shirt


This tshirt was illustrated by Naomie in collaboration with our optician Jessie. It was hand screen-printed in Montreal by the lovely Elektrek Clothing.

Perfect for: Your mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandma, grandpa, friend, coworker, or anybody with a torso.

#3: The Gift Certificate.


This gift certificate is available for any monetary amount you may wish to gift.

Perfect for: The person in your life who complains they can’t read street signs, or the restaurant menu. Also perfect for the person that’s been eye-ing that frame for months.

So this holiday season, keep it local.

From the Voskins Family to yours,

Wishing you all, Happy Holidays!