Sacs à dos One by Shoks

OYÉ OYÉ! Un tout nouveau produit, tout frais tout chaud, sort du laboratoire Voskins! En fait, il sort plutôt de l’atelier de Shoko Iwasa, une artiste avec qui nous avons décidé de collaborer cette année.

Shoko a soigneusement fabriqué à la main une dizaine de sacs à dos. Certains sont d’un magnifique jaune (bien pimpant mais surtout bien à la mode) et d’autres bleu marin (une valeur sûre quoi!). Les sacs sont basés sur un modèle déjà très populaire de la collection, mais ceux-ci sont personnalisés pour Voskins. Ils ont une jolie poche à l’intérieur pour votre étui à lunettes!


Nous avons posé quelques questions à l’artiste pour mieux comprendre son histoire et voici ce qu’elle nous a répondu :

Voskins – Where are you from and since when do you live in Montreal? Also, why did you chose Montreal?

Shoko – I am from Japan and used to live in Toronto with my husband, but my husband started working in Montreal and we all moved here.

Voskins – What made you decide to make bags? 

Shoko – I just love sewing and crafting!

I was making dresses for children at first but it was not catching me at the moment, but when I made simple backpacks for my children, I felt something really shined!

So, I started to make backpacks for children and started to think about bags that are useful for parents to carry extra stuff, and now here I am 🙂



Voskins – How do you choose your material?

Shoko – I’ve been searching and ordering samples from companies in Canada and the USA to see if it’s right for my design, and this bag maker in Japan recommended this company that make great quality canvas.

I ordered samples and I just « LOVED » them and I almost felt like cuddling the fabric at night!

I’m still searching for the future, searching for fabric never ends and that is also the fun part!



Voskins –  Where do you see One by Shoks in the future?

Shoko – I’m always dreaming about having a boutique that people can come to, order custom bags, and I would make them inside the store. My ideal future is one where I can communicate with clients and they can see what’s going on 🙂

This picture is always in my head !

Voskins –  Who’s your favorite Montreal designer?

  • Lowell mtl.
  • Woolfell (I am into fine details of bag making :0)



Voskins – What’s your favorite restaurent (we loooove food at Voskins haha)?

Shoko – I love BBQ and « Gyukaku » Japanese BBQ restaurant.

Voskins – How do you enjoy your free time?

Shoko – Mostly playing with kids… To be honest, playing « minecraft » with my 6 year old son. (Even though it’s about crafting, it refreshes my brain from bag making haha!)

Voskins – What phrase (motto) would describe your life? 

Shoko – Life is creative.


Les sacs sont donc disponibles en quantité très limitée dans nos deux boutiques à Montréal!